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Getting into the Italian vibe!.. Lorella Cuccarini - La Notte Vola

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Check out my Polyvore BH90210-collage….

is a website that combines e-shopping, myspace and collage-making; it’s very girly and fun and it’s also very addictive. Although the site is clearly supposed to encourage consumption and money-spending, I haven’t actually bought anything while cutting and pasting yet (though the ice-cream cone in collage no. 3 did tempt me). Read more »

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Postcard of the week


Erik Mesie-Zonder Jou

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Band of Horses

Band of Horses is…a band. From Seattle. Their sound is similar to that of the Shins, so what I would describe as wistful indie-rock sung by a Beach Boy. Reasons I like Band of Horses:

1) Their name. I like horses. Though I am unfamiliar with horses who play instruments, the idea excites me immensely.
2) Their myspace features a dog pooping.
3) They have wonderfully grizzly beards that make me want to lumberjack n stuff.
4) Their video for Is There A Ghost has a pillow fight in it. And it’s all about sleeping.

Also, make sure to listen to the sweet sweet song No One’s Gonna Love You.

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Postcard of the week

Gloria Estefan-Can’t Stay Away From You

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Interview with 1990’s

Talking to 1990’s (there is no ‘the’ in their name!)-three cool rockers from Glasgow, listen to the interview on Kink FM!

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Interview with Hot Chip!

Lucky me! -I got a chance to interview Hot Chip for Kink FM’s New Music! I spoke to two of the band’s lovely gents Joe Goddard and Al Doyle (see very silly photo below) about fame and Hot Chip’s reputation of being a “nerd-band”. They also talk about what it’s like performing live night after night and: we get an explanation of the album name Made in the Dark. Listen to it tuesday (18 March) between 20:00-21:00 on the radio or via the online live stream or come back later to download it directly from the New Music site. Read more »

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“What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Moved To Missouri”

While I’m waiting waiting waiting for my BH90210 S1 download to finish, I’m checking out a funny link Onno (king of ridiculous po-mo internet trivia) sent me. Turns out there are tons of these on, so for those who have nothing better to do.. (like myself) This is my favourite one:madonnamissouri
My initial reaction is that:
1) Madonna looks like someone whose name would be Beth. Beth owns a Pomeranian.
2) This looks like Susan Sarandon…

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Postcard of the week

Pet Shop Boys-Suburbia

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Henk Bakker sr, Amsterdamse Paradijsvogel


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