Ladytron interview

It was a hot spring afternoon Saturday 3rd of May. Upon arriving at Amsterdam’s famous concerthall Paradiso, I was informed the members of Ladytron were out cruising the city’s centre by bicycle. Visibly happy to have been able to momentarily escape their relentless touringschedule, two of the four members later joined me on the private waterside terrace behind the venue. Accompanied by flocks of ducklings and the occasional canalboat, I briefly spoke to Helen Marnie and Reuben Wu about their new album, touring, and doing remixes.

Ladytron’s new album Velocifero (due to be released June 3rd) was recorded in Paris and co-produced by Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) and Ed Banger’s Vicarious Bliss, though Wu notes much of the album’s production was done within the band. The title Velocifero, stated as signifying ‘bringer of speed’, also is the name of a song that was intended to appear on the album but was later excluded. “It’s still a good track, just..we had so many songs to choose from. We got another twenty or something that we’ll probably make into another album. When you’re trying to narrow things down into an album you can only have so many songs, like..similar sounds. We wanted something that was quite varied, so we had to leave specific songs out.”


As happens with so many highly anticipated albums, Velocifero leaked onto the internet long before its’ schedules release. Wu and Marnie weren’t exactly schocked by this delevopment however: “We knew it was gonna happen. All these promo copies of the album were given out anyway, so it was only a question of time. In fact, we just decided to put the whole album onto MySpace very soon after that, just as a kind of streaming audio.” Wu continues to explain why the leakage failed to concern them: “The main thing for us as a band is to go out and tour, ‘cause that is the only way we can actually make money really. It’s not really from record sales.” “-Although we do expect people to go out and buy the record as well”, Marnie then quickly adds.

Beside their extensive touring as a live act, Ladytron has also built a reputation for doing live DJ-sets and remixing other artists’ work. “We’re into the idea of remixing old stuff, we did Gang of Four, we did Blondie, Soft Cell. It’s nice to be able to go backin time and work on tracks that have been recorded in the 70’s and just work on it in the present.” When asked who he would like to remix in the future, Wu discloses: “We have the audio parts for ‘Ladytron’ by Roxy Music. That would be quite interesting. I thought about what I could do with it, but I just haven’t got round to it. Maybe it’ll be crap.”

Listen to the rest of the interview on Kink FM’s New Music.

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Postcard of the week

naar de camping deze week

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E. G. Daily

Beside playing the deliciously trampy Loryn in Valley Girl and generally being an 80’s goddess, E. G. Daily (a. k. a. Elizabeth Daily) had some minor success as a singer. She performed two tracks on the Scarface soundtrack, and in 1985 she had a hit with Say it Say it off the album Wild Child (see the videos below).

Elizabeth Daily - I’m Hot Tonight (Scarface ost) - mp3

Elizabeth Daily - Mind Over Matter (Wild Child Bonus Track) - mp3


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Dam Style, “Canals, Backyards & Sidestreets”



damstyle21mei3 Read more »

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May I have your votes? - Eurovision pleasure begins!!



Haven’t quite decided who I love and hate this year (the TWO semifinals will surely help me make up my mind..), beside of course Sebastien Tellier.

Here is one of my favourite Eurovision songs from recent years (unfortunately voted off in the semifinal back in 2006):

and my favourite of all time!

↓ Go Sebastien Tellier!!! ↓


So do you think I have a penchant for French-speaking Eurovision contestants?…

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Postcard of the week


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Dollar - Oh L’amour

The 1987 cover of an Erasure song.

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More (much-needed) decorating inspiration


This woman called Nina has a beautifully decorated apartment in Den Bosch. See the house tour on Apartment Therapy.

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Icanhascheezburger pics - I am a lazy blogger!

have all of life’s major questions answered here

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Extreme makeover-home edition

The great thing about having my own blog is it’s all about ME! With that in mind I now present you with the grand make-over of my house!

The corner of the living room before…


…and after. Read more »

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