Awesome Stevie Nicks art + puzzle!

Find Johanna Pieterman’s dreamy original Stevie Nicks artwork here, and you should also try this fun unicorn-jigsaw puzzle!

Via Cat Party

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Postcard of the week

Holland postcard

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Dam Style pic, ‘Squint against the sun’

ds-20-april Originally posted on DamStyle.

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Postcard of the week


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Watching now: Gidget (1959)

gidget‘Watch out Brigitte…here comes Gidget!’

Also read this excellent article on female surfers in film history.

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Reviewing: Vapiano

basilVapiano is located next to (or actually partially in) the new library building on the Oosterdokskade (next to the Central Station). The German chain focuses on Italian food, and the Amsterdam-restaurant is the second one that is opened in the Netherlands.

The restaurant features plenty of interior space as well as balcony-seats. The massive wooden tables are clean and decorated with basil and other herb plants (what a nice touch!), and plates, cutlery and glasses are real (non-plastic). Outside the restaurant is a large terrace, though I am told this is shut down early in the evening. Vapiano employs a system of self-service which may not be very complicated but poses a challenge for first-time visitors. There are separate queues for pasta dishes and starters, and for pizza. Beverages can be ordered at the same time. When placing your order, you are asked to hold a card you are previously given in front of a machine, which enables you to pay later, when exiting the restaurant. You are then handed a small device which beeps when your order is ready, which is nice because it means you can find a seat instead of waiting around the cooking-area.

Though I visited the restaurant on a Saturday evening, it wasn’t crowded at all. Considering this, I felt the waiting time was slightly long, about 20 minutes (if I remember correctly). The main courses are divided into categories, and very reasonably priced. I ordered the pizza rucola, which was €6,75. There are bowls with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, which you can add to your dish for free (the best price-category). The crust, thin and slightly salty, is fine; the tomato sauce is rather generic and the mozzarella kind of sparse… The rocket and fresh parmigiano however are abundant and are added after baking. The pizza is reasonably large and allover certainly its money’s worth.

We remain seated for about 40 minutes after finishing our food which seems to be fine with the staff. Paying is done upon leaving, at a counter where a girl obligatorily asks each of us if we enjoyed our meal (how American). My friend happily pays for his two Sprites, not his pasta! as he was never asked for his card by the pasta-making guy. I enjoyed my €10 dinner and view of the water (and of the fight between a bum and thirty English footballfans which almost took place just before our eyes on the terrace below). If you do choose to go to a self-service restaurant, go here!

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Postcard of the week

speciaal voor Sarah!

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The waiting is O-V-E-R!!!…….

hills1Tonight the fifth and final (NOOO!!!) season of The Hills finally starts! (which actually means I’ll be watching it on MTV online TOMORROW night, due to the time difference) As we can tell from the preview, Lauren and Heidi make up (or do they?..) and Spencer beats up Stephanie’s boyfriend!… And: why do Lauren and Lo move out of their house?

Watch the (once again) super-dramatic trailer here.

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Postcard of the week


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Style Icon: Mad Men’s Betty Draper


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