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Fashion Blogs - NOW AVAILABLE!

‘Fashion Blogs - From Musings on Personal Taste to Style Reports around the Globe‘ is the title of a new book, currently available!!

Kirstin Hanssen, Felicia Nitzsche and myself began working on this project about two years ago. We set out to interview the world’s best and most inspiring fashion bloggers, mapping a phenomenon in development. At times we didn’t think the project would ever be finished, but… Hooray! it is finally out, and made available by Dutch publisher d’jonge Hond.

Fashion Blogs features interviews with 34 of the biggest fashion bloggers, such as Susie Bubble, Garance Doré, Diane Pernet, Les Mads, the Cobra Snake, Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes), and many many more. The book also contains chapter introductions written by industry insiders such as Aynouk Tan and Mrs. Mo Veld, and beautiful photos by Krista van der Niet.

More info and ordering:
d’jonge Hond

NL bookstores Selexyz and Athenaeum already have the book in stock, and international bookstores will follow shortly.

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Sorry Sex and the City…

Cheesecake, pantsuits, AND Bea Arthur singing? Seriously, how could anything ever top that?..

See full image at MadAtoms

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Postcard of the week


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