The time has (almost) come..for us to watch Drag Race again

In anticipation of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4 (premiering January 30th on Logo)..

All images from lipsyncforyourlife and fuckyeahrupaulsdragrace

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Stars a spanglin’!

Steven Tyler’s rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at the AFC championship yesterday and all of the criticism it sparked goes to show once again how very seriously Americans take their national anthem. (I can’t even imagine Dutch people ever being outraged about a rendition of the Wilhelmus, because that would pretty much never happen.) With Tyler sounding like..well..Tyler, and him having sung the Star-Spangled Banner twice before, I do wonder just what they were expecting from him?..

Anyway, here are some of the best (I use the term ‘best’ loosely here..) renditions of the American national anthem in history (or: on YouTube).

For an excellent analysis of this performance, read Jaap Kooijman’s article ‘Bombs bursting in air: the Gulf War, 9/11, and the Super Bowl Performances of ‘The star-spangled banner’ by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’ (also quoted in his book ‘Fabricating the Absolute Fake’).

This one brings a tear to my eye every time.

I especially enjoy the hearing-impaired version going on in the lower left corner.

It’s the barber shop version BABY! (With a wee Nick Carter!)

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Empty spaces

gesamt pdf 6.inddlandsc11landsc17
All photos by Ulrika Kestere

[Monki Magazine]

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Paper pleasure

Sandra Suy’s delicate and alluring illustrations have appeared in countless magazines and ads, including the January 2012 issue of Dutch Elle. Naturally, she’s also been a fashion bloggers’ pet for years. For a list of the 60 most important artists of fashion illustration (among which Suy), head over to Fashionary.

All images by Sandra Suy

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EVERYTHING in space!

From the Tumblr blogs omg cats in space and food in space.

[Driving a Delorean]

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Winter wardrobe inspiration

Thankfully, it hasn’t really gotten cold in the Netherlands yet, but I always enjoy seeing people who dress nicely during winter and actually look sophisticated doing it, whereas I usually end up looking a hot (cold) mess, crazy bag lady-style, including red (okay and sometimes also runny) nose and all.

(By the way, the summer equivalent of this is: Me at the airport in my oldest, pajama-est-looking clothes, a purse, a tote and then about twenty plastic bags; Some people at the airport in high heels, with ONE classy leather carry-on and an Evian spritzer (or so I imagine.))

All images by The Locals

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Monki Television favourites

For those who aren’t familiar with Monki Television: it’s a weekly clip made by Monki about ‘girls whose creativity and personal style inspire us’ (and incidentally help sell some clothes, too). I can never get enough of lurking at people’s homes and lives, especially if I don’t know them (is that weird?) and they have an envious wardrobe.

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Postcard of the month: January

Happy new year everyone!

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