God Bless Reality TV!

‘God Bless America’ is the title of a dark comedy by director Bobcat Goldthwait (you know him, it’s this guy) set to be released in Spring 2012. The movie is about a man who goes on a Boondock Saints-like killing spree targeted at America’s dumbed-down society in general, and the vain and vapid stars of reality TV that have become the icons of this society in specific.

Pop culture and television are often blamed for being the root (or cause) of evil and degeneration, while they are seen as a direct reflection of society and whatever is wrong with it at the same time. On the other hand, film, for instance, is usually considered an art form/artistic expression. A few of the premises of these perspectives on TV are that 1: (American) society is dumbing down, 2: a medium can straightforwardly and simply represent society, and 3: the relation between a medium and its users is immediate and one-on-one (television can have a direct and negative influence on viewers). TV makers often respond to the criticism of reality TV by saying that they are simply offering what the public wants, rather than challenge these assumptions.

I noticed a parody of my much-beloved The Bad Girls Club (called Tuff Gurlz) in the trailer, which leads me to recommend watching this 7-minute supercut of the best fights on The Bad Girls Club. (But be sure not to watch if you think watching it will suddenly compel you to take your clothes off and rip weaves off random people’s heads).

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In case anyone missed it…

This is probably the most badass video I’ve ever seen, period.

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Postcard of the month: February


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