New book: Lichter leven


Last week, ‘Lichter leven (lightstyle inspiratieboek)’ was released. Written by my friend Kirstin Hanssen and Fidessa Docters van Leeuwen, the book talks about Kirstin and Fidessa’s ten years of experience with classes, courses and books on the topic of how to live a lighter life, and what happens once you’re so-called ‘enlightened’. What transpired from all of these experiences is a collection of stories, tips and advice ─ a kind of tasting platter of the most useful, practical and inspiring small and great lessons that yoga, meditation, healing and natural medicine and food offer us for daily modern life.

What I particularly like about ‘Lichter leven’ is that it is written from a personal perspective and all of the small ‘assignments’ are actually very doable. The book’s humour, highly recognisable anecdotes and little illustrations by Fidessa make the subject feel light (aha!) and very accessible.

The book ‘Lichter leven’ is now available (only in Dutch for now) for €14,95 in book shops (and here on

Kirstin and Fidessa will also be doing workshops - find more information on the Lichter leven website.

Lichter leven - lightstyle inspiratieboek - ISBN 978 90 453 1438 9 - BBNC uitgevers.

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