American Idol E28: Funniest Moment

american-idol-saluteJennifer and Randy salute marching band; Steven scratches head and looks confused.

BONUS: Steven dropping the F-bomb

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American Idol E20: Best Moments

Jennifer tries the glitterclown look.
Kirsten Dunst is ecstatic!
Chef Ramsay wants to put Stefano up for elimination, based on his mom’s cooking, and the producers insert the longest bleep in the history of AI. (But it’s possible that last one only happened in my imagination.)
Dad embarrasses Liv again…

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Katy Perry vs. Kara DioGuardi! - “I’ll have to throw my Coke in your faaace”

(am I a bit little obsessed with American Idol?.. a lot?)

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Listen to music again!

I was talking to my friend Onno about how I never listen to full albums anymore (this was sparked, by the way, by a conversation about Adam Lambert), but instead listen to single, individual mp3’s on my computer (usually while being completely absorbed in doing something else like emailing). So not only do I listen to far less music in general now, but I also think I experience the music differently than back in the day, when you would pop a CD in your stereo and actually sit there and LISTEN to it. Until the CD would be over, and then you’d put a different CD on, etc. So this is a damn shame. And that’s why, last week, I decided that
starting with Adam Lambert’s. And, here is, appropriately enough, Adam’s song “Music Again” (which you should listen to off the CD! but ok)

Adam Lambert - Music Again mp3 - ZShare

A trip down memory lane -here are a few of my most-played CD’s through the years:
Whitney Houston (this actually was the first CD I ever bought), during elementary school, when I used to perform little made-up dances on “I wanna dance with somebody” and “Love is a contact sport” with my friend Thomas.

Fleetwood Mac, my mom’s CD, which I thought was so cool because in 1992, the older girls in my gymnastics class would study their routine on “Everywhere”. I tried to copy them at home, listening to the CD and wearing my purple and pink leotard.

No Doubt, 1997: my first year in high school, when I discovered ’skater’ pants and doc Martens.

PJ Harvey: just dark enough to match my adolescent moodiness.

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Lambert on Oprah

I want his make-up!!

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American Idol results - It’s NOT Adam……?!

My absolute favorite moments from last week’s American Idol season 8 finale:
Can’t stand Bikini Girl; love Kara, the ultimate showdown!!!…….

Norman Gentle is a GOD. Hit it!

This must be the coolest American Idol-moment ever.
and obviously Adam should have won.

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No Doubt full circle!


No Doubt performed their classic ‘Just a Girl’ last week on American Idol, with Gwen returning to her iconic mid-90’s look. Can’t WAIT to see them back in action soon as they are on tour and will be recording a new album! Watch the video on Perez Hilton.

Gwen over 10 years ago:

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