Edible Selby book signing at ABC

Todd Selby was already well known for his website The Selby, for which he photographs extraordinary people and the extraordinary worlds they inhabit. Then came his first book, ‘The Selby is In Your Place’ (2010), which focused specifically on the (sometimes outrageous) homes of his creative subjects.

For his second book, Todd Selby traveled around the globe again, photographing and interviewing people whose lives are centered around food in some way. Among these are a rooftop farmer in Brooklyn, a salmon smoker in Norway and a pizza maker in Tokyo. Accompanied by handwritten questionnaires and watercolor illustrations, the result is both beautiful and quirky, and will appeal to photography fans and foodies alike.edible-selby-taco
The book is available now, but for those who live in Amsterdam and want to buy a book AND get it signed by Mr. Selby himself at the same time, you’re in luck: The American Book Center is hosting a signing session on November 1st at 19:00 on Spui 12 in Amsterdam.

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Postcard of the month: December


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Postcard of the month: August


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Book inspiration: Vivat Vamp!

This 1959 book is simply diviiine, if you ask me. I bought it at Van Dijk en Ko in Amsterdam-Noord, which is now across from Neef Louis (both of which I highly recommend).

And best of all: it was only €4,-! I KNOW!…

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Amsterdam tip: Sugarless

This new and cozy (gezellig) lunchroom has recently opened in Amsterdam-West. Run by sisters Jennifer en Joyce de Jong, Sugarless by J&J specializes in fresh organic food and drinks free of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners and flavorings. Which means…guilt-free indulgence!

The menu includes sandwiches, soups and salads, as well as a lovely selection of pies and cakes/muffins. And: high teas are available also.
Bilderdijkstraat 92, Amsterdam.

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Postcard of the month: December


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Mijn nieuwe held

Ikea is eigenlijk een terrasje. Heerlijk! Lekker kijken naar van die dikke tienermeiden
achter een buggy, die een halfbloedje voortduwen. En daar bedoel ik niks negatiefs mee,
want die hebben het ook waanzinnig naar hun zin, dat zijn vast ook hele goeie mensen.
Maar die kon je hier niet zo veel tegen, dus dan is het leuk om daar even een beetje naar
te kijken. Dan kom je weer terug van de Ikea, dan rijd je weer Zuid binnen, en dan denk
je: Oh eindelijk, gewoon weer mooie mensen!

Meer Joris op Twitter

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Dolf Toussaint in Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Stadsarchief Amsterdam is currently hosting an exposition of photographs taken by Dolf Toussaint in de Jordaan during the 1960’s. The photos were published in the photographer’s 1965 book, ‘De Jordaan’, which also features an introduction and further notes by Simon Carmiggelt (one of my favorite writers).

The exposition will run until October 31st.

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Premsela Masters of Amateurism event recap

Last Sunday evening Premsela’s Masters of Amateurism event, featuring Katja Hentschel of Glamcanyon, took place in Meneer de Wit. As miss Hentschel is also featured in the book ‘Fashion Blogs’, we were invited to join the party, which included a special presentation on the topic of fashion blogging in relation to amateurism.

Aynouk Tan, fashion journalist and one of the book’s chapter introduction writers, opened the discussion with a short review of ‘Fashion Blogs’, calling it “a timeless document that puts fashion blogging as a field on the map”. As she did in her article, she pointed out that the phenomenon of scenesters has always existed, but that it was never as visible as it is now, due to the internet. Because of this new phenomenon of fashion blogging, kids are now taken much more seriously by the fashion world, and bloggers can no longer be ignored by the fashion elite. She said: “They’re all different and unique persons, they write from their own unique perspective on fashion”, and even had a small piece of advice for all the fashion bloggers out there: “Just be yourself, and fame and fortune will happen for you. It sounds very Oprah, but it’s true.” Read more »

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Glamcanyon at Premsela event

Premsela and the ABC are hosting an event in Meneer de Wit this Sunday. The event is part of Premsela’s ‘Masters of Amateurism’ series (which focuses on the common ground in amateurism, popular culture and design) and will feature a special presentation by Katja Hentschel of Glamcanyon.

Date: July 18th
Location: Streetlab_Projectspace (Meneer de Wit)
Postjesweg 2, Amsterdam
Time: 19:00-22:00
Free entrance
Tunes by: Gangmakers

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