Oh Heidi..what did you do now?


Off her new (hilarious) album, Superficial:

Heidi Montag - Fanatic mp3 - ZShare

My other favorite is “My Parade” - hear it on YouTube

Trivia time! In its first week of release, Superficial sold 658 copies. Why? I mean, it’s SO good.

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The waiting is O-V-E-R!!!…….

hills1Tonight the fifth and final (NOOO!!!) season of The Hills finally starts! (which actually means I’ll be watching it on MTV online TOMORROW night, due to the time difference) As we can tell from the preview, Lauren and Heidi make up (or do they?..) and Spencer beats up Stephanie’s boyfriend!… And: why do Lauren and Lo move out of their house?

Watch the (once again) super-dramatic trailer here.

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Starving for new Hills eps….

Season 4 trailer!!! ↓ ↓ ↓

Love the theatrics of Lauren’s makeup running down her face.

So thankfully, the new season has started on MTV, still shitty that that means only one episode a week, as I really prefer watching them marathon-style (which has left me turning to old seasons of Laguna Beach to fill in the gaps -remember when back in the day it was Lauren vs. Kristin instead of Lauren vs. Heidi? oh how much it has all changed..). And I’m also dying (’literally’) to see the Whitney Spin-off!!

Bonus: Heidi&Spencer, ridiculous as ever (god bless ‘em).

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