Awesome collection of matches

[Freunde von Freunden]

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Empty spaces

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All photos by Ulrika Kestere

[Monki Magazine]

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Winter wardrobe inspiration

Thankfully, it hasn’t really gotten cold in the Netherlands yet, but I always enjoy seeing people who dress nicely during winter and actually look sophisticated doing it, whereas I usually end up looking a hot (cold) mess, crazy bag lady-style, including red (okay and sometimes also runny) nose and all.

(By the way, the summer equivalent of this is: Me at the airport in my oldest, pajama-est-looking clothes, a purse, a tote and then about twenty plastic bags; Some people at the airport in high heels, with ONE classy leather carry-on and an Evian spritzer (or so I imagine.))

All images by The Locals

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Monki Television favourites

For those who aren’t familiar with Monki Television: it’s a weekly clip made by Monki about ‘girls whose creativity and personal style inspire us’ (and incidentally help sell some clothes, too). I can never get enough of lurking at people’s homes and lives, especially if I don’t know them (is that weird?) and they have an envious wardrobe.

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At home with Courtney Love


xoJane went on a tour of Courtney Love’s house in New York (the one she allegedly is being kicked out of). In all its feminine, old world, witch-y etherealness, it’s exactly what you would expect Love’s house to look like.

And then, as a bonus, takes us inside her closet. It’s too good!

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Postcard inspiration from Edible Selby

Edible Selby at home with French chef Inaki Aizpitarte.

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Cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

[Candy Castle]

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A fresh brew

This lovely Moka Express print is for sale at Mengsel.

Also, read this recent NY Times article on the classic Bialetti design.


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I need this jacket in my life

(from The X Factor S01E02)

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Visual inspiration: Marie Boye Thomsen

All images byMarie Boye Thomsen

I came across an illustration of this Danish artist in Subbacultcha! magazine, and was fascinated by its mysteriousness. It also feels familiar somehow..does anyone know if her work was maybe used for an album cover or something?

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