Music video trivia time!

Everyone loves a good ‘before they were famous’ special. So here you go, you’re welcome!

Let me start with an obvious one. So Courteney Cox was in Dancing in the Dark, duh. But this song is just so good and also such a classic.

Before she was telling it like it is on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump was an arrow-slinging video vixen. (sans minidog, that is)

If you needed someone with over-the-top stereotypical Latina accent and mannerism in 1993, Jenny was your homegirl!

This isn’t an actual music video, in the sense that it was ever on MTV, but the international rules of hilarity allow me to post it anyway. Would it be too snarky to say it’s clear who the Kardashian sisters got their talent from? A little bit? OK I won’t say it then.

If you can guess who appeared in Love Shack you get a 100000000-point bonus. I’ll give you a hint: skip to 2:04 to see him/her (!). The answer is after the jump!
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American Idol E28: Funniest Moment

american-idol-saluteJennifer and Randy salute marching band; Steven scratches head and looks confused.

BONUS: Steven dropping the F-bomb

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