The Kristen - Robert faceoff

“R-Patz” and “K-Stew” are going head-to-head as both their highly-anticipated (mostly by Twilight fans) movies premiere this week. Judging from the trailers, I’d say Kristen’s is a perfect vehicle for her moodiness (and for faaab wardrobe&makeup!), and Robert’s is mainly centered around him being dreamy, and on Lost’s Claire (who apparently ‘has her dessert first’ - oooooh! how devilishly unconventional!).

The Runaways (release date April 2010)

Remember Me (March 2010)

And of course, we’re also looking forward to the new Twilight Eclipse movie, see trailer below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I see Victoria is now played by a completely different actress (Bryce Dallas Howard)?…. LAME-O!)

Also, read this piece of news about a soon-to-be-released FREE Twilight-spinoff novella.

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Kristen Stewart cheerful as ever

vanity-fairKristen Stewart actually looks like she’s in pain in the Young Hollywood photo shoot for Vanity Fair’s March issue..

Photo: Vanity Fair

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