They’re baaack!

Scissor Sisters - Whole New Way mp3 - ZShare

This song sounds like Prince - meets George Michael’s ‘I Want Your Sex’. Love it!

Buy the album here

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Amazing new Goldfrapp!

Goldfrapp - I wanna life mp3 - ZShare

Off their new album Head First

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Getting physical with Sue Sylvester


Olivia Newton John & Sue Sylvester - Physical mp3 - ZShare

The video on YouTube

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Oh Heidi..what did you do now?


Off her new (hilarious) album, Superficial:

Heidi Montag - Fanatic mp3 - ZShare

My other favorite is “My Parade” - hear it on YouTube

Trivia time! In its first week of release, Superficial sold 658 copies. Why? I mean, it’s SO good.

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Listen to music again!

I was talking to my friend Onno about how I never listen to full albums anymore (this was sparked, by the way, by a conversation about Adam Lambert), but instead listen to single, individual mp3’s on my computer (usually while being completely absorbed in doing something else like emailing). So not only do I listen to far less music in general now, but I also think I experience the music differently than back in the day, when you would pop a CD in your stereo and actually sit there and LISTEN to it. Until the CD would be over, and then you’d put a different CD on, etc. So this is a damn shame. And that’s why, last week, I decided that
starting with Adam Lambert’s. And, here is, appropriately enough, Adam’s song “Music Again” (which you should listen to off the CD! but ok)

Adam Lambert - Music Again mp3 - ZShare

A trip down memory lane -here are a few of my most-played CD’s through the years:
Whitney Houston (this actually was the first CD I ever bought), during elementary school, when I used to perform little made-up dances on “I wanna dance with somebody” and “Love is a contact sport” with my friend Thomas.

Fleetwood Mac, my mom’s CD, which I thought was so cool because in 1992, the older girls in my gymnastics class would study their routine on “Everywhere”. I tried to copy them at home, listening to the CD and wearing my purple and pink leotard.

No Doubt, 1997: my first year in high school, when I discovered ’skater’ pants and doc Martens.

PJ Harvey: just dark enough to match my adolescent moodiness.

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Careful what you say

Class Actress - Careful What You Say mp3 - ZShare

Class Actress on MySpace

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Postcard of the week

Right Said Fred - I’m Too Sexy mp3 - ZShare

Thanks to Onno for his awesomely bad taste in postcards!!

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Image via Ffffound

Friendly Fires feat. Au Revoir Simone - Paris (Aeroplane Remix) mp3 - ZShare

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Sleepless Nights

earthImage via FFFFOUND

FM Attack - Sleepless Nights mp3 - ZShare

FM Attack on myspace

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Toen onze Mariah nog een Mariahtje was

Mariah Carey - Someday mp3 - ZShare

Mariah Carey - Didn’t Mean To Turn You On mp3 - ZShare

Mariah and Patrick Swayze bonuspic

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