Fashion Blogs - digital re-release out now!

For all of you who have been trying to find one of the last remaining copies of ’Fashion Blogs’: search no further. We have decided to re-release it as a digital edition!
All of the interviews of the original 2010 print edition are included, and we completely updated our 600+ URL index of the best fashion blogs on the web today.

The PDF, containing all clickable links, is available for purchase now on our website (or click on the direct link below).

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God Bless Reality TV!

‘God Bless America’ is the title of a dark comedy by director Bobcat Goldthwait (you know him, it’s this guy) set to be released in Spring 2012. The movie is about a man who goes on a Boondock Saints-like killing spree targeted at America’s dumbed-down society in general, and the vain and vapid stars of reality TV that have become the icons of this society in specific.

Pop culture and television are often blamed for being the root (or cause) of evil and degeneration, while they are seen as a direct reflection of society and whatever is wrong with it at the same time. On the other hand, film, for instance, is usually considered an art form/artistic expression. A few of the premises of these perspectives on TV are that 1: (American) society is dumbing down, 2: a medium can straightforwardly and simply represent society, and 3: the relation between a medium and its users is immediate and one-on-one (television can have a direct and negative influence on viewers). TV makers often respond to the criticism of reality TV by saying that they are simply offering what the public wants, rather than challenge these assumptions.

I noticed a parody of my much-beloved The Bad Girls Club (called Tuff Gurlz) in the trailer, which leads me to recommend watching this 7-minute supercut of the best fights on The Bad Girls Club. (But be sure not to watch if you think watching it will suddenly compel you to take your clothes off and rip weaves off random people’s heads).

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(New) Class Actress album

Rapprocher is the first full-length album of Brooklyn electropop duo Class Actress (who we know from their song ‘Careful What You Say’), and it is sheer synthy pop heaven if you ask me. ‘Weekend’ is the second single off the album, and its first video.

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These Minnie creepers are back on sale at Lazy Oaf.
Also check out their Tumblr.

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Style icons: The Golden Girls

Upon inspecting my outfit, my boyfriend recently informed me that I resembled a Golden Girl. Now, I’m not sure whether he actually meant that as a compliment, but I just went ahead and took it as one. We already established the awesomeness of The Golden Girls anyway.

Gold accessories AND backcombed hairdo’s AND shoulder pads? I THINK SO!! Enjoy.

In related news: Eyeworks is working on a Dutch remake of The Golden Girls. UGH..


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Dolf Toussaint in Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Stadsarchief Amsterdam is currently hosting an exposition of photographs taken by Dolf Toussaint in de Jordaan during the 1960’s. The photos were published in the photographer’s 1965 book, ‘De Jordaan’, which also features an introduction and further notes by Simon Carmiggelt (one of my favorite writers).

The exposition will run until October 31st.

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Premsela Masters of Amateurism event recap

Last Sunday evening Premsela’s Masters of Amateurism event, featuring Katja Hentschel of Glamcanyon, took place in Meneer de Wit. As miss Hentschel is also featured in the book ‘Fashion Blogs’, we were invited to join the party, which included a special presentation on the topic of fashion blogging in relation to amateurism.

Aynouk Tan, fashion journalist and one of the book’s chapter introduction writers, opened the discussion with a short review of ‘Fashion Blogs’, calling it “a timeless document that puts fashion blogging as a field on the map”. As she did in her article, she pointed out that the phenomenon of scenesters has always existed, but that it was never as visible as it is now, due to the internet. Because of this new phenomenon of fashion blogging, kids are now taken much more seriously by the fashion world, and bloggers can no longer be ignored by the fashion elite. She said: “They’re all different and unique persons, they write from their own unique perspective on fashion”, and even had a small piece of advice for all the fashion bloggers out there: “Just be yourself, and fame and fortune will happen for you. It sounds very Oprah, but it’s true.” Read more »

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Glamcanyon at Premsela event

Premsela and the ABC are hosting an event in Meneer de Wit this Sunday. The event is part of Premsela’s ‘Masters of Amateurism’ series (which focuses on the common ground in amateurism, popular culture and design) and will feature a special presentation by Katja Hentschel of Glamcanyon.

Date: July 18th
Location: Streetlab_Projectspace (Meneer de Wit)
Postjesweg 2, Amsterdam
Time: 19:00-22:00
Free entrance
Tunes by: Gangmakers

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Taking a break!

….. I’ll be back.

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Fashion Blogs - NOW AVAILABLE!

‘Fashion Blogs - From Musings on Personal Taste to Style Reports around the Globe‘ is the title of a new book, currently available!!

Kirstin Hanssen, Felicia Nitzsche and myself began working on this project about two years ago. We set out to interview the world’s best and most inspiring fashion bloggers, mapping a phenomenon in development. At times we didn’t think the project would ever be finished, but… Hooray! it is finally out, and made available by Dutch publisher d’jonge Hond.

Fashion Blogs features interviews with 34 of the biggest fashion bloggers, such as Susie Bubble, Garance Doré, Diane Pernet, Les Mads, the Cobra Snake, Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes), and many many more. The book also contains chapter introductions written by industry insiders such as Aynouk Tan and Mrs. Mo Veld, and beautiful photos by Krista van der Niet.

More info and ordering:
d’jonge Hond

NL bookstores Selexyz and Athenaeum already have the book in stock, and international bookstores will follow shortly.

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